On October 1, 2022, from the Palace Square of St. Petersburg, Russia, the round-the-world expedition "Yellow Submarines" starts on 3 specially prepared off-road vehicles GAZ-66. The route will cover all 6 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia). The total length of all stages will be over 300,000 km. Participants of the rally will visit all climatic zones, visit more than 100 countries and make several movements between the continents with their SUVs. The team plans to finish in the cultural capital of Russia no earlier than autumn 2024. 

Complex tests of underwater drones from the Oceanika company are planned at all stages of the trip. The devices will sink to the bottom of hundreds of rivers and lakes around the world, take water samples and make its chemical analysis and laboratory analysis for environmental conditions. The bottom of each investigated reservoir will be examined in detail, and if valuable artifacts are found, appropriate work will be carried out to raise the finds from the depths of river and lake waters. 

Also, the search robots of the Oceanika company are exploring tens of square kilometers of the earth's surface in search of various archaeological finds. Most of the locations will be subjected to such detailed analysis for the first time in history. 

For such difficult, prolonged tests and long autonomous residence, the legendary Soviet military vehicles were chosen, which underwent serious revision and comprehensive modernization. Were installed: Japanese diesel 5-cylinder engines HINO J07C 6,7l, 170 hp, 6-speed HINO gearboxes, transfer cases URAL-4320. Each car has a permanent all-wheel drive with a center differential lock. Replaced the main pairs in the axle gearboxes. Installed pairs with a gear ratio of 4.55 (41/9) and much more. The kungs have been converted into full-fledged living units for independent comfortable living of 3 crew members in each. 

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