Off-road camper GAZ - 66

GAZ-66 is a Soviet and Russian off-road truck with a 4 × 4 wheel arrangement, a carrying capacity of 2.0 tons and a cab above the engine.


The most massive four-wheel drive two-axle truck in the Armed Forces of the former Soviet Union. It was also used in the national economy. Developed and produced at the Gorky Automobile Plant from 1964 to 1995. It has a large number of modifications and special machines based on them. A total of 965,941 copies were produced.


An important feature of this car is a balanced location of the center of gravity, almost equal load on the front and rear axles and compactness due to the cabin above the engine. GAZ-66 is an all-terrain truck with a carrying capacity of 2 tons, designed for driving in difficult road conditions and off-road. Initially, high flotation was achieved through the use of cam differentials on the front and rear axles, high ground clearance and adjustable tire pressure.


The expedition vehicles are equipped with 5-cylinder diesel engines HINO J07C 6,7l, 170 hp, 6-speed HINO gearboxes, transfer cases URAL-4320. Each car has a permanent all-wheel drive with a center differential lock. Replaced the main pairs in the axle gearboxes.


The vehicles are equipped with high-capacity fuel tanks. All necessary expeditionary equipment has been installed for the use of vehicles in any climatic conditions. Passages from the cabins to living quarters have been made, which have been converted into full-fledged campers for autonomous comfortable accommodation for all crew members.

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