Robot constructor "Oceanica KIT"

Educational equipment robot-constructor "Oceanica KIT" is a new eco-systemic educational product for improving the quality of design, research and creative activities. The Oceanic KIT includes a robotic complex, an additional set of educational components and accessories, as well as methodological support.


The set includes:


- Sealed controlled module with built-in chamber and temperature and pressure sensors

- A set of motors, 5 pcs.

- A set of strips "Picatinny rail" for mounting on a sealed module of attachments

- Set of stabilizer combs, 6 pcs.

- Lanterns, 2 pcs.

- Surface module

- Remote Control

- Reel with 7 meters cable

- Charging cable


On-board equipment of the underwater robot:

- High definition wide angle camera

- On-board computer

- Flash memory card

- Inertial positioning system

- Pressure sensor (depth)

- Temperature sensor


Additional kits and accessories


Environmental module:


- Defines water turbidity in the range 1-1000 NTU, analog output

- Determines the acidity of water in the range of 0-14 pH

- Determines the amount of oxygen in water (mg / l)

- Measures the redox potential (ORP) of water

- Determines the electrical conductivity of the medium (from this value, conclusions can be drawn about the content of dissolved solids (TDS), which are a sign of contamination

and salinity of water)



- is an optional accessory that attaches to the body of the underwater robot. Allows you to grab a small object and move it to the desired location.


Hardware and software complex for technical vision:

 - allows you to get an image in complete darkness

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